Jatayupara - The Jatayu Rama Rock

While roaming in the skies, the King of Vultures – Giddharaja Jatayu hears a plaintive female voice. He has rushed to the scene, and finds Goddess Sita Devi lamenting for help who has been abducted by the Asura King Ravana.. He stops the chariot and advises Ravana to let go of Sita Devi and apologize before Sri Ram for the deplorable conduct. The arrogant Ravan defies the wisdom of Jatayu. To rescue Goddess Sita Devi, Jatayu battles against Ravana and destroys his chariot and weaponry. At the end of the ferocious encounter, Ravana takes ‘Chandrahasa’ – the powerful sword gifted to him by Lord Mahadev, and cuts-off the left wing of Jatayu and proceeds to Lanka with Sita Devi. Devi blesses Jatayu and tells him that he will sustain his life until he meets Lord Ram.

An impaired Jatayu falls on the rocky mountain ranges, which is later called Chadayamangalam (the corrupted version of Jatayumangalam), awaiting Lord Sri Ram by chanting “Pranatosmyam Ramam”. Lord Ram & Lord Laxman reach atop the rock and meet the perishing Jatayu from whom Sri Ram comes to know about Sita Devi being abducted by Ravana. Lord Ram blesses Jatayu for his sense of righteousness and the indomitable courage exhibited to safeguard the spirit of womanhood. Jatayu fortunately succumbs to injuries by lying on the lap of the Lord and attains Moksha. Both Lord Ram & Lord Laxman performed last rites to the mortal remains.


Jatayupara is where Jatayu has fallen, received the Holy Darshan and blessings of Lord Sri Ram, attained Moksha (eternal liberation) on the lap of the Lord, and perceived the last rites performed by the Lord Himself. The Rock Temple Pilgrim Complex consists of Rama Paadam – the Holy Left Footprint of Lord Sri Ram formed from an impression of the footprint of Sri Ramachandra while granting Moksha to Jatayu by standing on one leg, and Kokkarani – the Holy Water Reservoir emanated by the blessing of Mother Earth when the thirsty Jatayu stroked its beak on the rocks.

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